According to Brian at his HHC event on Sunday the new single will be out next month and that it’s a song produced by RedOne. Brian also says that they have done three songs with RedOne.


Thanks to my friend Sofia for the info.

Also the song ‘Best That I Can’ is written by BSB.

*Best That I Can~~~BSB寫的耶!!!COOL唷!!!XD*

Brian had also mentioned that the single will be a mid-tempo and it will be one of the following songs.

Soldier Down or Straight Through My Heart

Thanks to Arianna.




In a interview with Pitbull talks about working with BSB.

DS: Word on the street is that you have a song coming out with the Backstreet Boys, What’s that about?

Pitbull: As far as the Backstreet Boys, Jim Johnson is working on their new album and they wanted to do a feature with me. I felt honored to do something with them, because of all the success they have had… However you may look at them, as a ‘boy band’ or a ‘pop group’, its hard to be successful in this music business, and I tip my hat to anybody that can make it, and not only make it, but make it as big as they have, selling millions upon millions of albums, and doing world tours. It was definitely a pleasure and an honor working with them.


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